Our Philosophy: Fun & Educational!

Summer STE(A)M Adventure: a fun, exciting and innovative program that lets kids explore careers related to STEM.  Career adventures gets kids excited about learning STEM topics through engaging, hands on activities.  FasTracKids are prepared for the 21st Century workplace.

At our Staten Island Summer Camp Programs, we don’t teach your children what to think, we teach them how to think. We offer a holistic educational & fun summer program that actively works to fit you and your child’s individualized needs. Our campers are active, engaged participants in activities where they energetically develop their own thoughts and minds. This develops a strong base for future learning and stimulates children’s innate curiosity.

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Each classroom session is filled with a variety of activities that are fun with a purpose. Every activity provides all students the opportunity to collaborate and contribute in their own way. Class starts with the teacher laying the foundation for the day’s learning through a rich and in-depth conversation with the students. Following the discussion, the FasTrack® Learning Station presents new information to students. Next, the teacher then asks high level questions to gauge and guide the students’ understanding.

Finally students collaborate together on a variety of projects, exercises and activities to further and deepen their knowledge. This unique method, which we refer to as Educational Zigzagging, which ensures that students get the repetition that we know is important for learning but in a much more engaging way than traditional drill and kill methods of teaching. Children can not only discuss what they learned in class, but they can apply their new knowledge to other situations, providing a long lasting advantage.