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About Section

About Our Summer Camp

Summer STE(A)M Adventure: STE(A)M Careers is a fun, exciting and innovative program that lets kids explore careers related to STEM.  Career adventures gets kids excited about learning STEM topics through engaging, hands on activities.  FasTracKids are prepared for the 21st Century workplace.


At Staten Island Summer Camp, powered by FasTracKids®, we don’t teach your children what to think, we teach them how to think. We offer a holistic educational & fun summer program that actively works to fit you and your child’s individualized needs. Our campers are active, engaged participants in activities where they energetically develop their own thoughts and minds. This develops a strong base for future learning and stimulates children’s innate curiosity.

staten island summer camp methodology

Each classroom session is filled with a variety of activities that are fun with a purpose. Every activity provides all students the opportunity to collaborate and contribute in their own way. Class starts with the teacher laying the foundation for the day’s learning through a rich and in-depth conversation with the students. Following the discussion, the FasTrack® Learning Station presents new information to students. Next, the teacher then asks high level questions to gauge and guide the students’ understanding.

Finally students collaborate together on a variety of projects, exercises and activities to further and deepen their knowledge. This unique method, which we refer to as Educational Zigzagging, ensures that students get the repetition that we know is important for learning but in a much more engaging way than traditional drill and kill methods of teaching. Children can not only discuss what they learned in class, but they can apply their new knowledge to other situations, providing a long lasting advantage.

Schedule Section

Summer Camp Daily Schedule

Summer STE(A)M Careers

Monday – Friday | 9AM – 4PM

Academic Boot Camp

Monday – Friday, 9AM – 12PM

Extended Hours Available

Morning (AM) 7:30am – 9:00am
Evening (PM) 4:00pm – 6:30pm

Tuition Section

2018 Summer Camp Tuition

Summer STE(A)M Adventure 2018: STE(A)M Careers Tuition

WeeksWeeklyRegularEB WeeklyEB RegularDeposit
1$495$495$470.25 $470.25 $100
2$495$990$470.25 $902.50 $200
3$495$1,485$470.25 $1,410.75 $300
4$445$1,780$422.75 $1,691.00 $400
5$445$2,225 $422.75 $2,113.75 $500
6$445$2,670 $422.75 $2,113.75 $600
7$395$2,765 $375.25 $2,626.75 $700
8$395$3,160 $375.25 $3,002.00 $800
9$395$3,555 $375.25 $3,377.25 $900

Summer Academic Boot Camp Tuition 2018

WeeksWeeklyRegularEB WeeklyEB RegularDeposit
1$395 $395 $375.25 $375.25 $100
2$395 $790 $375.25 $750.50 $200
3$395 $1,185 $375.25 $1,125.75 $300
4$345 $1,380 $327.75 $1,311.00 $400
5$345 $1,725 $327.75 $1,638.75 $500
6$345 $2,070 $327.75 $1,966.50 $600
7$295 $2,065 $280.25 $1,961.75 $700
8$295 $2,360 $280.25 $2,242.00$800
9$295 $2,655 $280.25 $2,522.25 $900

Extended Hours Tuition 2018

Morning (AM)
7:30am – 9:00am
Evening (PM)
4:00pm – 6:30pm

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Reviews Section

Parent Reviews of our Summer Camp

J C, Staten Island Parent
Love this place. Love love the summer camp. Highly recommend all programs! Tried them all! My son has been here since he was 4. He is now 7. He has gone to their summer camp in 2014 and loved it. Going again this year. He took the Fastrackids 2-year program and loved it. He then went on to the science program which is great because they do a lot of interesting and hands-on activities and experiments. We always talk about what he did this week in Fastrack; it gets him so curious and excited. The teachers are nice and friendly. He started with their G&T prep course which was recommended by a friend of mine and then we never left. A great investment into my child’s future. Worth the money. I wish we started sooner!!
Lev V., Staten Island Parent
My daughter attended FasTracKids summer camp for the past 2 years. She was looking forward to going there every day. They have a great educational program with lots of fun for children including Yoga. The theme changed on a weekly basis, anywhere from Dinosaurs to Astronomy, etc. Great job!
Priscilla D., NYC Parent
My daughter attended the summer camp program in 2015 and has already told me that the one thing she wants to do this year is go back to the same camp! Mr. Green was a pleasure to work with and understands that schedules are crazy and really does his best to work with you one on one. The teachers are cheery and patient and the kids seem to enjoy their time and be well behaved. I’ve already registered my 7 year old for the 2016 summer program.

Technology Section

Technology at Summer Camp

FasTracKids® believes that technology in the classroom should be used in ways that are appropriate for the age of the children. The FasTracKids learning system meets the needs of our digital learners by creating curriculum intentionally for the interactive white board, or the FasTrack® Learning Station. Students are actively engaged as they see images and videos, hear sounds and conversation and interact with learning games and activities. Their learning is enhanced by the use of technology as it creates a multi-sensory learning environment.

staten island summer camp - technology - powered by fastrackids

Through the use of our proprietary method called Educational Zig-ZaggingSM, young learners are engaged with digital media, but also have the social collaboration and social interaction that is imperative for true learning. Our learning method gives students the repetition they need to retain knowledge combined with dynamic interactions that create excitement for learning. FasTracKids teachers facilitate activities that support and deepen each student’s learning.

FasTrack Learning StationFasTracKids is the only learning system geared towards young learners that is purposely designed to maximize the use of the interactive white board reflecting their digitized learning style, while maintaining developmentally appropriate standards for young learners.